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It's a very warm and charming

It's a very warm and charming book, offering a lot of recognition to a lot of people I'm sure. It shows a great amount of understanding to how we work in relationships as we people do, and offers a good deal of useful tips to connecting with others in a comfortable and self-aware way in our search for partnership. Besides that the book made me laugh out loud, for it's being written so funny, witty and personal ! Thanks to the author for sharing his helpful experiences, concernings and visions with us.

I'm constantly amazed how

I'm constantly amazed how perceptive and helpful this book is, even to 'old timers' like me; you're never too old to learn. It's a book one can dip into or read from cover to cover and you'll gain something valuable from it each and every time.

I just wanted to say thanks

I just wanted to say thanks as I found your writing very relevant.

clear and detailed

clear and detailed

I read the ebook and I found

I read the ebook and I found myself in it big time quite scary but real it is amazing how you can describe feeling and situations you are so spot on ...

has a nice warm tone

has a nice warm tone throughout, making allowance for people's differences and needs to discover things for themself ...